By our powers combined…

by Chris Burton




So I’m traipsing through youtube clips to get my daily dose of quality theatre when I stumbled across yet again another fantastic macho man promo (fast forward to 6 mins or watch the Nature Boy do his thing in the beginning as well.) It furthered my resolve in naming my Lupus Walk team in honor of one of the greatest eras in sports entertainment, the Megapowers.


For the uninitiated, here’s a little history: When Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man Randy Savage ruled the world of wrestling, they decided to take it to higher heights and deeper depths and form what should have been the greatest tag team ever known. Though it was quite glorious indeed for reasons artistic and realistic, their partnership would eventually dissolve into a bitter feud.


Nevertheless, we have a chance to answer that question posed by both the Bee Gees and Al Green. Yes, we too can mend broken hearts.


Please accept this as an invitation to join Team Megapowers (or as the website lists us Team Team Megapowers) and walk/donate with me as we fight the good fight against Lupus, May 5th in Charlotte. 


Here’s the website to join Team Megapowers:


Registration: 3:30pm

Walk: 5:00pm

Symphony Park at SouthPark

4400 Sharon Road

Charlotte, NC 28211

I’ll be wearing some shirt in honor of the late great Macho Man and invite you to represent for one of your heroes too. May our powers combine to bring God the glory.


Spreading love (it’s the Brooklyn way*),



*Shouts to Jersey too, you know I got nothing but love for you, word to Heavy D.