Too sweet to be sour

by Chris Burton

Sometimes I think we’ve got it twisted. Phrases like “That’s life!”, “Life stinks!” or even “Life, I wonder, will it take me under? I don’t know,” permeate the social landscape. But no. Life is beautiful and for the living.

It is wholly transformative if one is able to see the good in everyday. The beauty of life in spite of its difficulties. It’s a recipe for endurance and the secret to overcoming obstacles.

That’s where my mind is nowadays as I think about my own fight against the cruel mystery known as lupus. I’ve been in this fight for over a year now. It has been filled with its hills and valleys but am thankful to say that I–in this moment–am feeling better than I have felt in quite some time.

This Saturday my wife and I will be in DC participating in the 7th Annual DC Walk to End Lupus Now.

We’d love your help.

Please contribute to our effort to end lupus once and for all. It’s an illness that affects over 1.5 million Americans with more than 16,000 new cases every year.

Although the walk is this Saturday, the 27th of April, we will be collecting donations until the 27th of June.

I’m doing this because I know that our efforts can help other people in this fight.