Lupus?! A wha dat?!

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Lupus Can Cause Hair Loss

Lupus Can Cause Hair Loss

The good news is that whichever of these reasons cause hair loss in lupus patients, help is available. Diagnosing lupus early, including biopsies from the scalp when indicated plus appropriate treatment is the key to preventing permanent baldness due to lupus. The exact methods of treatment will depend on the specific findings – or causes – but can include oral medications, topical medications and localized injections to the areas of hair loss.

Lupus a debilitating chronic disease

Christopher Smith was a fit and healthy 26-year-old man before a trip to sunny Spain almost cost him his life.

“He was out on the beach almost every day,” said his mother Margaret Moroz.

Upon his return to Niagara, Smith fell ill and was plagued by a number of mysterious symptoms.

“He was very weak, he had mouth sores, he had migraines, skin rashes, his fingertips were turning blue and he had kidney troubles,” his mother recalled.

A Salvadoran at Risk Tests Abortion Law

Her doctors say she is inching along a high-risk pregnancy that could ultimately kill her, fraught with risks caused by lupus and other complications. The fetus itself has such a severe birth defect that it has almost no chance of surviving, they say, urging an end to the pregnancy to protect Beatriz’s health before it gets worse. But in El Salvador, where she lives, abortion is illegal under any circumstances.

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Lupus?! A wha dat?!

Just another emcee who gets free. Vessel of philanthropic vision fueled by theophilic purpose.

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