Lupus?! A wha dat?!

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Kellie Martin Gives Advice for Families Dealing with Lupus

Kellie Martin Gives Advice for Families Dealing with Lupus

Since her sister’s death, Martin teamed up with the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association to help raise awareness about the symptoms of lupus. Martin said her 4-year-old, Maggie helps her cope with her grief.

“She’s the most joyful person on the planet,” Martin said. “She loves life, and I remember that life can be so good. I go back to the joy and being grateful for every day I have.”

Nick Cannon Reveals How Lupus Changed His Life

Nick Cannon Reveals How Lupus Changed His Life

“..It was just like ‘If I do get a chance to do it again, I’m going to make sure all of the things that matter, I focus on. And the things that don’t matter, I let ’em fall by the wayside,'” Cannon told Rolling Out. “And because I still deal with the health condition to this day, it just makes me hungry and makes me grind harder, because we’re not promised tomorrow.”

The entertainer spoke about how other people could learn from his situation.

“I’m doing everything I can do to keep myself healthy, but at the same time, in the back of mind I [know] the clock is ticking. I need to leave my mark,” Cannon told Rolling Out. “That’s what everybody should do. You’ve got to leave this place better than it was when you got here.”

“I feel like I can’t waste one day. That’s why when people say ‘your work ethic is crazy,’ I’m like ‘The clock is ticking.’ I gotta leave something.”

Milwaukee singer raises money for lupus

Milwaukee singer raises money for lupus

12 Symptoms of Lupus

12 Symptoms of Lupus

A Toast to Lupus Awareness

A Toast to Lupus Awareness

Getting people to understand Lupus and how it works and patients to take better take care of themselves and manage the disease, they have a better outcome, they live longer, have better life quality- it’s a long road,” Ferris said.

Tina, a local woman with Lupus who attended the event, offered her perspective on living with the disease. 

“It’s either you allow it to take you or you take over it yourself,” she said.

Manchester advocates for lupus patients in D.C.

Manchester advocates for lupus patients in D.C.

“Lupus annually costs the nation an estimated $31.4 billion in direct and indirect expenditures,” she said. “And even with insurance, the estimated average annual cost of lupus for patients ranges from $20,924 to $62,651.”

Lupus Nephritis Tamed Without Steroids

Lupus Nephritis Tamed Without Steroids

“For the first time in 60 years, [this study] has suggested that oral steroids can be safely avoided in the treatment of [lupus nephritis] without apparent reduction in efficacy or increase in relapse rates, at least up to 3 years of follow-up,”

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Lupus?! A wha dat?!

Just another emcee who gets free. Vessel of philanthropic vision fueled by theophilic purpose.

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