The point of excellence

by Chris Burton

bret hart

I’m at a moment in life where I feel inspired daily.

Many pots on the stove, don’t even know what I’m cooking but the process is marvelous.

I want to do all the ministry I’m called to do with excellence. At times I fear my ambition, an unnecessary rival of humility that seeks to stifle the still small voice, but I refuse to deny my purpose.

I want to be great. And I’m not too interested in the fake piety that feigns unawareness.

Who says that I’ve got to be quietly excellent? I’m more than just beating a drum for the love of attention. I am bearing witness that this life I live is a divinely ordered adventure.

It won’t always make sense. I’m well versed in the flow of Hills and valleys. But as the late great Randy Savage so eloquently put it, “the cream will rise to the top.”

Stay encouraged.