Pancakes (Sticky out deh, een?!)


I’m ashamed that I buy Aunt Jemima pancakes.

I could probably eat pancakes everyday.

they say abs are made in the kitchen but for real

if i gotta give up pancakes to get a six-pack, screw a six-pack.

bri still loves me and so does Jesus.

how am i supposed to give up pancakes?

would eating hungry jack make me more just?

what if next week i learn that hungry jack was a tool of oppression too?

i’m scared.


Pancakes might mean too much to me.

But I listen to Shabba Ranks when I eat pancakes.

I’m in my kitchen when I eat pancakes.

It’s saturday when I eat pancakes.

Grandma is still alive when I eat pancakes.

Don’t know if my hands will ever get clean.