Tryna (Try nuh?)

This bout to mess me up.

I can already tell.

I’m bout to get unraveled

and dismantled

and thinking

bout how i too am a mess.

i feel ashamed.

anytime i think about it.

my role in this whole mess,

i know i’m guilty.

i feel responsible

but where i’m spose to go from there?

like i’m tryna be loving,

but at the same time…nah i’m tryna be loving.

that’s got to be the end all be all, free all.

i’m tryna live out here and not keep my foot on anybody’s neck.

i’m thinking bout justice again.

how it really pulls the loose ends out of our t-shirts.

not really seeing how to modify, all i’m seeing is the shirt unraveled.

might try to keep wearing it tho.

the neck doesn’t feel as crisp as it used to.

the sleeves a little looser.

but justice keeps tugging.

now my t-shirt is a v-neck. things getting exposed now, scarfs ain’t helping.