Beautiful and Devastating 

by Chris Burton


For a few weeks I’ve watched with anticipation as NXT advertised for Nia Jax.
I didn’t know what or who to expect. Full disclosure, when I saw her last name was Jax, I kept visualizing some lady with metal arms running through the competition down at Full Sail. What happened last Wednesday was far more destructive.
The music hit, the video played and out walked an extremely formidable wrestler. Not diva and not just a lady. I’ve seen a few Awesome Kong comparisons pop up on the internet already but when I first saw Nia Jax my mind went straight to Bull Nakano. (Her match with Alundra Blayze is worth revisiting on the WWE Network and is where Paige gets her fantastic scorpion crosslock submission finish from).

Nia came through and crushed the buildings. Evie is no slouch. She has had independent circuit success and does not have the makings of a jobber. Nevertheless they booked Nia with such invincibility that the only thing she was missing was the blinking lights from Super Mario. 

The scary thing is I don’t feel like we saw the full move set. She had a devastating bearhug, an exceptionally disrespectful pin (folded Evie like some laundry) but I can’t help but think we are going to see some great striking techniques from her later on. 

She has the potential to make every move look critical. One can only hope they use her as the monster heel she was born to be and put her in some great matches with Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Initially I was most excited to see her work with Sasha but the thought of Bayley going against all odds and hitting that Bayley to Bayley on her? That’s how legends are born. After all, she is a member of the Anoa’i family (The Rock, Wild Samoans, Roman Reigns and ’em) so anticipating greatness is so necessary.